2022 © Stefanie Schaut

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  1. © Yasuna Iman

    © Yasuna Iman

    Stefanie Schaut (1990). Photographer and educator.

    I'm always open for new, collaborated and creative projects with thirds.

    I'm part of VONK Ateliers.

    In August I followed a residency program 'Back to Basics' in Arteles Art Center, Finland.

    I'm following a phototraject together with Bieke Depoorter and BREEDBEELD.

    This year I've been selected as a 'Fresh Eyes'-talent 2022 together with other great photographers from around Europe.

    More info or questions? Ask away via info@stefanieschaut.me


    // 'Under these Waves', interview, See:Zeen Magazine, Berlin, DE
    // 'Under these Waves' - Heart Fungus, Out of Office, Breedbeeld, Doel, BE
    // 'Various Works', group exhibition Alumni Luca School of Arts, Faculty Club, Leuven, BE
    // Various works, Kunst in het Dorp, Castel Ter Loo, Bellingen, BE
    // 'Under these Waves', guide book Fresh Eyes Talent 2022, 100 greatest emerging photographers of Europe, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, NL
    //'The ABC of Subbacultcha', S.M.A.K., Ghent, BE
    // 'We Pace Above the Moving Tree', duo exhibition with Esméralda Mertens, Kunstzaal Onder de Toren, Hasselt, BE
    // 'Under These Waves', logo of Breedbeeld, Antwerpen, BE

    // 'Moving Scapes', duo exhibition with Elia Vanderheyden, The Gallery, Genk, BE
    // 'Inner Space', Zoet, Factory of Sweetness, Suikerrock, Tienen, BE
    // 'Atmos', Zomerbeelden Breedbeeld, Antwerpen, BE
    // Various works, Sweet Sixteen AmuseeVous, Kunstmarkt, Hal 5, Leuven, BE
    // 'Ondersporen', Cultural Centrum Hasselt, BE


    //'Eyecandy', in and around the city of Genk, Genk, BE

    // 'Atmos', Twens Unexposed, CC Romaanse Poort, Leuven, BE
    // Various Works, Kleinkunst, Betaplein Lokaal 25, Heerlen, NL
    // 'We Traveled Across Seven Mountains', Cultural Center, Mechelen, BE
    // 'Your Eyes Burn Like Wild Fire', Year Exhibition of VONK, VONK Cloister, Genk, BE
    // 'Verbinding', Expo Stadhuis Genk, BE 
    // 'Verbinding', Het Nieuwsblad, BE
    // 'Verbinding', Het Belang van Limburg, BE

    // 'Earthward Minus', Twens Unexposed: 'De Uitdagers', CC Romaanse Poort, Leuven, BE
    // 'Earthward Minus', D!NG Magazine: Three Year Anniversary Issue, BE 
    // Various works, Allegrarte, Autoworld, Brussels, BE
    // Various works, Year Exhibition of VONK, Z33, Hasselt, BE
    // Various works, Young and Belgian Talents, The Affordable Art Fair, Tour Et Taxis, Brussels, BE
    // Various works, De Smaken van Hasselt, Stadsmuseum Hasselt, BE

    // 'Japanese Garden', Het Belang van Limburg, Keuze van Luc Daelemans, BE
    // 'META', Wortel en de Boon, BE
    // 'META', Democratic Jungle, online platform, BE 
    // 'META', Phases Magazine, Week 28-2015, FR
    // 'META', SNOR Magazine, Graduation Issue, BE
    // 'META', EXIT/15, Yearbook, BE
    // 'META', EXIT/15, Herckenrodekazerne, Hasselt, BE
    // Various works, Saccades Project, online platform, US

    // 'Hidden City', Campus Bokrijk, Open Area Bokrijk, Genk, BE

    // Various works, Twinstone Lodge Kattevennen, Genk, BE
    // 'Absorb', Out of Space, Z33, Hasselt, BE

    // Various works, Contemporary Architecture of Genk, Library Genk, BE
    // 'Erik Pirotte', Pianotunes, Cultural Centrum, Hasselt, BE

    // 'Evolve', Eden: Recycling, Coalface, Genk, BE


    2020 and going
    // Photographer of CIAP exhibitions, C-Mine, Genk, BE

    2018 and going
    // Photographer of KRIEG exhibitions, PXL, Hasselt, BE

    2017 and going
    // Teacher in Digital Arts, QRIOS, Limburg, BE

    // Teacher in Digital Arts and Photography, Pentagoon Academies, Tongeren, BE

    // Teacher in Photography and Film, PIKOH Kunsthumaniora, Hasselt, BE

    // Teacher in Photography, CVO De Verdieping, Heusden-Zolder, BE


    // Teacher Training in Visual Arts, PXL, Hasselt, BE

    // Master in Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Genk, BE

    // Internship Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp, BE
    // Bachelor in Fine Arts, Photography, Media, Arts and Design Faculty, Genk, BE


    // Member of the jury for the Masterstudents in Fine Arts, Photography, LUCA School of Arts, Genk, BE