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Stefanie Schaut // Belgium // Visual arts // Photography

Artistic partner Copper & Light
 // Residency at VONK Ateliers
Alumni 'Back to Basics' Arteles Creative Center // 'Fresh Eyes'-talent 2022 GUP Magazine

More info and questions about my work, submissions, prints or you want to collaborate?  I'm open for new and creative projects with thirds. Ask me via info@stefanieschaut.me, +32 (0) 486 37 95 66 or instagram.com/soy.stefanie.



// 'Under these Waves', group expo, 15th Anniversary, Past and Present, Der Greif, Munich, DE
// Untitled (work in progress), group expo, Traject 4 BREEDBEELD with Bieke Depoorter, Hangar Photo Art Center, Brussels, BE
// Various works, group expo, The Holy Art Gallery, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris, BE, NL, FR

// 'What Makes a Lake?', Another Earth, publication magazine, Vermont, USA and Toronto, Canada
// 'Under these Waves', group expo, Kunstennacht Hasselt, VONK, Hasselt, BE
// Untitled (work in process), catalog, Arteles Creative Art Center, Haukijärvi, FI
// ‘Lost in the Heat of it All’, GUP Magazine, Fresh Eyes, group expo, Artists Haute Photographie, ART Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

// 'Under these Waves', interview, See:Zeen Magazine, Berlin, DE
// 'Under these Waves - Heart Fungus', group expo, Out of Office, Breedbeeld, Doel, BE
// 'Various Works', group expo, Alumni Luca School of Arts, Faculty Club, Leuven, BE
// Various works, group expo, Kunst in het Dorp, Castel Ter Loo, Bellingen, BE
// 'Lost in the Heat of it All', guide book Fresh Eyes Talent 2022, 100 greatest emerging photographers of Europe, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam, NL
//'Under These Waves - Heart Fungus', 'The ABC of Subbacultcha', group expo, S.M.A.K., Ghent, BE
// 'We Pace Above the Moving Tree', duo expo with Esméralda Mertens, Kunstzaal Onder de Toren, Hasselt, BE
// 'Under These Waves', logo of Breedbeeld, Antwerpen, BE

// 'Moving Scapes', duo expo with Elia Vanderheyden, The Gallery, Genk, BE
// 'Inner Space', solo expo, Zoet, Factory of Sweetness, Suikerrock, Tienen, BE
// 'Atmos', digital group expo, Zomerbeelden Breedbeeld, Antwerpen, BE
// Various works, Sweet Sixteen AmuseeVous, Kunstmarkt, Hal 5, Leuven, BE
// Various works, 'Ondersporen', group expo, Cultural Centrum Hasselt, BE


//'Eyecandy', group expo, in and around the city of Genk, Genk, BE

// 'Atmos', group expo, Twens Unexposed, CC Romaanse Poort, Leuven, BE
// Various Works, group expo, Kleinkunst, Betaplein Lokaal 25, Heerlen, NL
// 'We Traveled Across Seven Mountains', group expo, Cultural Center, Mechelen, BE
// 'Your Eyes Burn Like Wild Fire', group expo, Year Exhibition of VONK, VONK Cloister, Genk, BE
// 'Verbinding', solo expo, Expo Stadhuis Genk, BE 
// 'Verbinding', article, Het Nieuwsblad, BE
// 'Verbinding', article, Het Belang van Limburg, BE

// 'Earthward Minus', group expo, Twens Unexposed: 'De Uitdagers', CC Romaanse Poort, Leuven, BE
// 'Earthward Minus', article, D!NG Magazine: Three Year Anniversary Issue, BE 
// Various works, group expo, Allegrarte, Autoworld, Brussels, BE
// Various works, group expo, Year Exhibition of VONK, Z33, Hasselt, BE
// Various works, group expo, Young and Belgian Talents, The Affordable Art Fair, Tour Et Taxis, Brussels, BE
// Various works, group expo, De Smaken van Hasselt, Stadsmuseum Hasselt, BE

// 'Japanese Garden', article, Het Belang van Limburg, Keuze van Luc Daelemans, BE
// 'META', solo expo, Wortel en de Boon, BE
// 'META', article, Democratic Jungle, online platform, BE 
// 'META', article, Phases Magazine, Week 28-2015, FR
// 'META', article, SNOR Magazine, Graduation Issue, BE
// 'META', article, EXIT/15, Yearbook, BE
// 'META', article, EXIT/15, Herckenrodekazerne, Hasselt, BE
// Various works, article, Saccades Project, online platform, US

// 'Hidden City', group expo, Campus Bokrijk, Open Area Bokrijk, Genk, BE

// Various works, group expo, Twinstone Lodge Kattevennen, Genk, BE
// 'Absorb', group expo, Out of Space, Z33, Hasselt, BE

// Various works, group expo, Contemporary Architecture of Genk, Library Genk, BE
// 'Erik Pirotte', group expo, Pianotunes, Cultural Centrum, Hasselt, BE

// 'Evolve', Eden: Recycling, group expo, Coalface, Genk, BE


// Teacher Training in Visual Arts, PXL, Hasselt, BE

// Master in Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Genk, BE

// Internship Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp, BE
// Bachelor in Fine Arts, Photography, Media, Arts and Design Faculty, Genk, BE


// Member of the jury for the Masterstudents in Fine Arts, Photography, LUCA School of Arts, Genk, BE


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